Massad Edentulous Lip Ruler (Melr) – White (Pack of 3)


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  • Massad Edentulous Lip Ruler (Melr) – White (Pack of 3)


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    Massad Edentulous Lip Ruler (MELR)

    The Massad Edentulous Lip Ruler (MELR) is a device that allows dentists to evaluate the esthetic relationships of both the upper and lower lips to the oral cavity and facial mask. Each patient has a different tooth display when they speak, relax and smile. When constructing any type of prosthesis, it is imperative that the dentist know the length of the lip when relaxed, speaking, and smiling in order to determine the height of the prosthetic components, both implants and teeth… a critical step in achieving a natural looking smile.

    This Lip Ruler is also available in white color. Some clinicians prefer the white ruler for the operatory while dental labs prefer the yellow color.

    A Smart Design for Smile Design.

    Massad Edentulous Lip Ruler (MELR) is the first ruler on the market that measures the lower lip position in addition to the upper lip.

    Dental lip rulers have been available since the 1960’s, when their use was first advocated by Dr. John P. Frush for measuring the upper lip. Dr. Frush believed that the emphasis should be, in his words, “to copy the disharmonies of nature in order to mask the artificiality of the restoration”. By measuring the upper lip at rest he could more accurately select tooth size, and be one step closer to a natural display. While this is definitely an important measurement, it is only a portion of the equation.

    More to the Equation.

    In addition to taking measurements at rest, evaluating the lip position during animation is also necessary. By doing so, the practitioner has information to compare the two lip positions, as well as evaluating how the lips relate to the residual premaxillary ridge.

    The Massad Lip Ruler can also measure the distance from the crest of the pre-mandibular ridge and the lower resting lip. With these three measurements, restorative decisions can be made based on the position of the patient’s lips within the facial mask. If a patient has a short lower lip, or a strong smiling lip, excessive and unaesthetic gingival tissue may be visible if the wrong size implant or tooth is used in the prosthesis. Understanding the spacial relationships between the maxillary ridge, mandibular ridge, resting lips, and the smiling lips will provide a predictable, esthetic prosthesis with a more natural look for each unique patient.

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